Partiality *

Controversial? Perhaps; Opinionated? Certainly.

Life is more partial than total - depending on which coloured glasses one has on.
This blog is about fondness for certain topics. It isn't about prejudices, discrimination or unfairness. Another take is through the eyes of partial functions: despite due-diligence there might be certain aspects that one misses when putting an argument across the table i.e. your take on a subject is partial and not complete.

Dreamt about writing the software and assembling the system behind a blog. Shows how even private projects change spectacularly with changing requirements.
Owning a blog at a blogging platform or rolling out Wordpress or something alike is easy. They have their pros and cons but there are, indeed, some very mature systems with a lot of bells and whistles available. But **none** can boast of the pain and joy creating your own software brings with it. I wanted to eat my own dog food – after all, I am a software engineer. The creativity, the decision making, the struggles to implement the vision at the micro and macro level, and other nitty-gritties spice up the adventure. Yes, I looked for adventure and boy did I find it. In the beginning it started off as a bad ass, all inclusive, blog. Today it is a much simpler and possibly a sweeter place.