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Controversial? Perhaps; Opinionated? Certainly.

gravatar Piyush Purang

Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Engineer, Organizer, Cricket Player are some of the important roles I play.
Welcome to my blog. Hope you find content that triggers your Grey cells. I have been building software, teams and products for over 15 years. Some of that experience seeps into the entries here. Combine that with my desire to always be at the forefront of tech changes, fads and buzzwords and you get an interesting mixture.
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The best way to follow me is: @ppurang.  Any new content on this blog will be publicized through that account. You can also find me on linkedin but not on facebook.

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For most of the code go to: Some code is also available in gists:

### Scala User Group - Berlin Brandenburg  {#bbscala}

Founded and organize events for We are lucky to have an excellent community in and around Berlin. Without the active help from many it would be very difficult to manage the events. Thanks to everyone in the community for that. If you are in or around Berlin do come to one of our meetups and say Hi!