Partiality *

Controversial? Perhaps; Opinionated? Certainly.

Partiality - What and Why?

Life is more partial than total - depending on which coloured glasses one has on.
This blog is about fondness for certain topics. It isn't about prejudices, discrimination or unfairness. Another take is through the eyes of partial functions: despite due-diligence there might be certain aspects that one misses when putting an argument across the table i.e. your take on a subject is partial and not complete.
### Multiple Definitions {#multipledefs}

Partiality has multiple definitions - some are well known while others are rather obscure.

#### Well-Known {#wellknown}

Dictionaries usually define the word as:

**partiality** /pɑːʃɪˈalɪti/ - noun: partiality; plural: partialities

1. unfair bias in favour of one person or thing; favouritism.
    "an attack on the partiality of judges"

    synonyms: bias, prejudice, favouritism, favour, partisanship, unfair preference, discrimination, unjustness, unfairness, inequity

    "the president had shown partiality towards the group's cause"

2. a particular liking or fondness for something. "Miller's partiality for flowering shrubs is evident"

   synonyms: liking, love, fondness, taste, weakness, soft spot, keenness, inclination, predilection, predisposition, proclivity, penchant, fancy, relish, passion

   "his partiality for brandy and soda was notorious"

  Origin: late Middle English: from Old French parcialite, from medieval Latin partialitas, based on Latin pars, part- ‘part’.[^partiality]

  [^partiality]: Source: [Google - Partiality](

#### Obscure {#obscure}

As the opposite of **totality or total functions**.

“In mathematics, a partial function from X to Y (written as f: X ↛ Y) is a function f: X' → Y, where X' is a subset of X. It generalizes the concept of a function f: X → Y by not forcing f to map every element of X to an element of Y (only some subset X' of X). If X' = X, then f is called a total function and is equivalent to a function. Partial functions are often used when the exact domain, X' , is not known (e.g. many functions in computability theory).”[^partial-fn]

  [^partial-fn]: Source: [Wikipedia - Partial Function](

Partial functions should not to be confused with [partial derivatives]( or [partial fractions](

#### Others {#others}

Another definition is with regards to **solar eclipses**.  Total solar eclipse - totality and a partial solar eclipse - partiality.